Intercambio: Silicon Valley 2018/2019

The School gave us, four students of 9th grade, the oportunity to participate in the exchange program with the German International School of Silicon Valley. We are writing this to tell you about our experience in California.

We arrived at San Francisco Airport the 11th of January, where our guest Families welcomed us and took us to our homes. At all time we felt comfortable by the treatment that our family gave us. They always worried that we make the most of the days, so they supported us in all the activities that we wanted to do, at all time.


Our families took us to many touristic places, like The Stanford Univerity, where we walked through the whole campus; The Tech Museum of Innovation, where we saw the “Bodies” exhibition; and to Redwood State Park, where the biggest tree in the world is. But the most exiting place we visited was Google. We had the chance to go inside the campus and see all the buildings.


We had also the opportunity to visit San Francisco. There we walked through the famous Golden Gate Bridge and through Lombard Street. We all lloved the Pier 39, where you can get souvenirs, food and take good pictures with the sealions.


At school everyone was really nice to us. We were all in different classes, that allowed us not to be closed in our circle and take better advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and practice the language. We made really good Friends in there. The School took us to the famous Alcatraz Island. When we were walking around the prison, we felt goosebumps, although it was amazing.


The time went by faster and faster. We hadn’t noticed and the Exchange was already ending. We met many amazing people, new cultures, places and practiced both languages, German and English. No doubt it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


Camila Johow, II°C



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