This year we were invited to participate in a “Spelling Bee” competition organized by Universidad Andrés Bello, so I asked my 12th Graders students, and six of them were delighted to take part. We participated in two groups of three students each. These were: Josefa Velásquez, Ian Fuller and Sebastián Díaz; and Marcelo Varas, Emilio Fernández and Yissakhar Shwartz. At the beginning, the competition was not that difficult for them; they believed the level of English and the words were easy enough to get to the final. And so, they did.  From 49 schools that were in the competition, they won the second and the fourth place. It was so exciting and they were so anxious, making a strenuous effort to achieve the first place. We were all so nervous, people in the audience cheered up every time a student spelled a word correctly. All in all we had a great time there. The students enjoyed themselves and they thought it was a great and interesting experience. Speeling Bee In my opinion, what called my attention the most was the confidence that students have in these kinds of competitions. I love to see my students on stage; although they were nervous when they got on stage, they felt really comfortable and they did a great job. I feel really proud of them. The competition met all our expectations. Well done!

Congratulations for all of them!

Miss María Nerlí del Real

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